Tuesday, 11 October 2011

WoC marching to war

Well I won my first game of WHFB, against Empire.

Most of my army got killed apart from my warriors, led by my sorcerer, who ate my opponents big block of halberders, led by warrior priest, and this resulted in the rest of the empire army panicking!

My lvl 2 sorcerer was probably the star of the game, causing the enemy to kill themselves (treason of tzeentch) and making my opponent warry of using magic (pandimonium).

My Chaos Warriors also deserve a very honorable mention, first eating through a block of flagellants and then halberders for the loss of only 2 men all game!

As these two units did so well I increased my list to 2000 points with the addition of another block of 12 warriors and a lvl 4 tzeentch sorcerer lord, my lvl 2 has now become nurgle.

The unit that needs to hang it's head in shame are my chaos knights. They charged through some woods, losing a man in the process, and killed the enemy cannon, over ran into his wizard but the proceeded to run off the field after loosing another man to a mortar shell!

But anyway my army is now 2000 points but quite small, next on the shopping list though is a hell cannon :-)

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